Read Me Files
Posted by Heartspirit on April 26 2014 20:19:30
I've been noticing many downloads have read me files included in the zips. They usually contain information regarding the meshes and the artist who created them. Just remember, I haven't loaded any content that doesn't have the meshes included. I've got a folder full of creations that I haven't been able to upload cuz I'm missing meshes. Everything here should have all the meshes included regardless of what the readme file says.

Also, many of them say to contact me at Spiffy Sims if you have a problem. Well, Spiffy's closed years ago. If you have trouble with something or a question regarding a download, contact me here. You can try to find Spiffys...LOL...let me know if you do. I miss that site and the friends I made there!! :-)