Sims 2 Friends Downloads are up
Posted by Heartspirit on March 29 2014 19:10:50
I've loaded up as much of the downloads from the Sims 2 Friends forum gifts section as possible. There are some missing due to missing meshes from sites that no longer exist or I can't figure out which meshes were used in the original sets because I don't have enough clues...LOL

This section does NOT include yggdrasil's meshes. I will work on those next. They will be in their own category.

To find the Sims 2 Friends downloads please select Sims 2 Friends from the download categories. Mostly you will find Betsy4Arts items because as far as I know many of the other artists have their items uploaded to other large websites. Sims 2 Graveyard also has some of Betsy's creations if you are looking for more.