Progress on downloads
Posted by Heartspirit on June 15 2014 19:44:38
Hello, I'm working thru the categories alphabetically and fixing the downloads that aren't working. I've finished thru Christmas. But, I got to thinking...I know it's scary. But, I created a shoutbox, so that you could tell me if a download is broken and you want to get it. I'll fix those downloads first. That way you know that if you come back, you'll be able to get that item. The only drawback is you need to register as a member in order to shout. I'm sorry but it is the only way the software will work and I totally understand it. It helps prevent spam spam spam and troll troll trolls!!! So if you want it, shout it and I'll fix it :-) Please use the name of the download and category, I look at an alphabetical list by category and with 470ish downloads, I'm gonna need a few extra clues to find it. I will keep working at it. Thanks for your patience.

Happy Simming,