Some downloads not working
Posted by Heartspirit on June 11 2014 15:57:05
Well, I've started playing my game again and came to the site to download some of things that I was missing. To my surprise, some of the downloads were broken. I test on separate page than the actually download that you see. Everything I've loaded I've tested from that page and it worked. Now, I'm going thru what you see and things are broken. That is rather frustrating. So, I will slowly work thru the site and see if I can fix the problem. I fixed one but went to fix a second and can't figure it out. So, another glitch in the software. If you come across a broken download I would greatly appreciate it if you would make a comment letting me know it is broken. I fixed the Satin gowns, the first one you see!!! OMG how embarassing is that...the first download everyone sees is broken. WOW!!! Thank you for your patience.

Happy Simming,