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Still uploading content

I'm at 399 and counting. Was hoping for 400 today but gotta go be Mom. I still have lots to come so keep checking back and I hope you find something fabulous for your game. :-)

Happy Simming,


Yggdrasil's meshes are loaded

Hello again,

I just finished loading all of yggdrasil's meshes. They were originally hosted on Spiffy Sims, moved to Sims 2 Friends forum and now I'm moving them here. If you are roaming about the community and see links for her meshes somewhere, please let me know. I'll contact that site and tell them about the move. If someone navigates to the old site I will leave up a page that directs them here. So, not a big deal if I can't catch them all. Thanks for visiting. I hope you find something great to download.

Happy Simming,


Sims 2 Friends Downloads are up

DownloadsI've loaded up as much of the downloads from the Sims 2 Friends forum gifts section as possible. There are some missing due to missing meshes from sites that no longer exist or I can't figure out which meshes were used in the original sets because I don't have enough clues...LOL

This section does NOT include yggdrasil's meshes. I will work on those next. They will be in their own category.

To find the Sims 2 Friends downloads please select Sims 2 Friends from the download categories. Mostly you will find Betsy4Arts items because as far as I know many of the other artists have their items uploaded to other large websites. Sims 2 Graveyard also has some of Betsy's creations if you are looking for more.

Getting the content uploaded

I think I've got it. I'm still throwing a few errors here and there. The thumbs aren't spectacular but I felt the content was more important. Besides you get a full picture in the screen shot. I will slowly get the stuff uploaded. If there is something that you are looking for, please let me know, I'll try to find it and make it a priority. I know yggdrasil's stuff is in high demand and some things from the forum are popular. As soon as I iron out the glitches, I will get that stuff up. Thanks for visiting.

Happy Simming,


One upload done!!

Okay, so, I managed to get one file loaded up and working. Thought I had it. But...went to do another one and got an error message...blah! So, you have one kitchen to download if you'd like and I'm still working on the other hundred or so...LOL

Happy Simming,


Sims 2 Friends Forum

I was just wandering around the community and realized that some of you are looking for content that was on the forum. I will try to repair the forum so that all that information still exists and attempt to make it public so that you don't have to register to download but that is some time away.

So, my plan could change tomorrow LOL... my plan today is that as I rebuild asSIMIlated, I will add those downloads here and try to transfer as many links and documents as possible. There is lots of information there that I would hate to lose. So, I will do my best to get as much content from there to here.

Please be patient with me. This is a huge project for me.

-- Heartspirit

Rebuilding the Site

asSIMilated has been down/gone for a long time!!! Life happened. But, I'm working on rebuilding the site. Not sure if I'm getting back into creating but I will get the Sims 2 stuff uploaded. Finally!

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you return soon to check on my progress. It is awesome to know that members of the community are looking for my stuff.

Happy Simming,

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