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Word Game: What Do These 3 Things Have in Common?

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And to think I passed up the chance to give you the answer right away!  jamt

I make you taller, in a way
He needs to recover from his injuries
What a scoundrel!

I really don't think that this is it but could it be heel? It fits the last clue, maybe sort of fits the first clue but doesn't really fit the second clue at all but just in case I thought that I'd ask!!! huh

Once the poor man is healed, he will be as good as new ;)

I would have to give those clues a D+.  twozievomito
and now for some amazingly brilliant clues:
1. hello there young lady
2. Wow, you're really tall
3. hey Dude, why's the room spinning Man??

I am glad you answer to a higher calling and do not stoop to the same sort of crappy clues as I do!   lolpurp


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